April 27-29 Hyatt Regency Crystal City
Arlington, VA
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Monday, April 27, 2015

C105: New Catalogs: From Scratch & Social

4:15 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Amy Drayer, Senior IT Specialist, Hennepin County Library
Amy Luedtke, Senior Librarian, Information Programs and Services, Hennepin County Library
Tim Spalding, President, LibraryThing

Get some lessons learned about catalog design from the Hennepin County Library, which recently created a catalog from nothing. Find out how it found the right words and placement for features and got a catalog design up and running (including an “All” search with features from dropping in an ISBN or other identifier to calculating title pop- ularity with its “best match” default sort). Topics include new search workflow, making a very useful single search box, the never-quite-right add to list tool, what data is really useful on search results, what limiting options are most important, and more. Spalding discusses developing a library catalog starting from a social network and explores how LibraryThing developed a new product, ThingCat, an OPAC layer for libraries with small collections (up to 10,000 books). Starting with the notion that it would just remove all the community data and cross-user linking, the library ended up rethinking and reimagining the OPAC from the “sky down,” grappling afresh with just what a library catalog is “for.” Hear what happens when you do the opposite of what BiblioCommons did—you add the OPAC to a social site, not the social to an OPAC.

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