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Jeff Trout

Technology Learning Center
Cape May County Library

Picture of Jeff TroutJeff Trout is the Co-Supervisor of the Technology Learning Center of the Cape May County Library and the library's makerspace, The STEAM Engine. He grew up with technology, was lucky enough to have family who were excited about early computers, and a school librarian that insisted on having a computer class in the 1970's, years before most school districts started teaching with them. This instilled in him a love for computers, and a belief that being introduced to technology in a positive way will change how you learn.
Jeff transformed the Technology Education Center, a department focused on basic computer classes, into the Technology Learning Center. Now they offer one on one technology help, classes and programs for the community, education and guidance for small businesses in the community and a maker space for expanding the knowledge with hands on experience. The STEAM Engine Makerspace has three 3D printers, multiple Vive VR stations, video recording equipment, sewing machines, robots, a Cricut and more. Jeff also serves as a school board member in his home district and is a proud father of five.

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