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Beverly Sutherland

President & CEO
EdTechnologyFunds, Inc.

Picture of Beverly SutherlandBeverly Sutherland is a passionate technologist with a deep understanding of the transformational impact it can have on individuals and communities. She worked in the E-rate industry for eight years before founding EdTechnologyFunds in 2010. EdTechnologyFunds, a national E-rate management consulting firm, operates with the mission of assisting schools and libraries transition to 21st Century network infrastructures. Her current work involves helping libraries leverage E-rate funding to build infrastructures that will support them as community technology hubs for patrons of all ages and incomes. The company's hard work was recently recognized as the #1 E-rate consultancy for library network infrastructure upgrades. Beverly also serves as a technical consultant to the California Public Library Broadband Grant Program. She has also managed several large scale library infrastructure projects.

In addition to her work with libraries, Beverly has a long history working in technology. She has led three worldwide product launches and holds a patent for her contributions in creating advanced imaging technology in High Definition Projection Systems.

Computers in Libraries 2018

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    • 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. LUNCH with Summit Colleagues & Sponsors: Key Issues, Trends, & Actions
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