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Monday, March 25, 2019


W1: Websearch University presents Searchers Academy: User Engagement in the Digital Age—Powered by Search
W2: Strategic Technology Planning
Marshall Breeding - W2_Breeding.pptx (4 MB)
W3: Fundraising & Fund Development [Cancelled]
W4: AI, Bots, & Robots to Engage Your Community!
W5: UX Design for Customer Engagement
W6: Cybersecurity for Info Pros
W7: Makerspace 101: Tips, Tricks, & Strategies
W8: Optimizing for Mobile Devices: Step-by-Step Mobile UX [Cancelled]
W9: Project Management: Making It Work for You
Christa Werle - W9_Werle.pptx (730 KB)
W10: Facilitation: Pictures & Problem Solving
M.J. D'Elia - W10_DElia.pdf (62 KB)
W11: Implementing & Realizing Plans
W12: Trapped Data? Easy Data Management: Open Sesame! [Cancelled]
W13: Planning for the Near Future: Smart Library Spaces & Buildings
W14: Actionable Ways to Boost User Website Engagement
Shari Thurow - W14_Thurow.xlsx (171 bytes)
Shari Thurow - W14_Thurow(1).xlsx (45 KB)
Shari Thurow - W14_Thurow.pdf (13 MB)
Shari Thurow - W14_Thurow(1).pdf (125 KB)
Shari Thurow - W14_Thurow(2).pdf (59 KB)
W15: Tech Trends for Libraries in 2019 & Beyond
W16: Getting Started in Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)
Chad Mairn - W16_Mairn.pptx (32 MB)
W17: Data Visualization: Tools & Techniques
W18: Information Architecture: Methods to Engage Users
Yu-Hui Chen - W18_Chen(1).ppt (535 KB)

Monday Evening Networking Event

Games, Gadgets & Makerspaces: Bingo Night!

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Welcome & Opening Keynote

Light Continental Breakfast
Keynote - Engagement in the Digital Age

Discovery, Navigation & Search

A101: Super Searcher Shares Tips!
Mary Ellen Bates - A101_Bates.pdf (1 MB)
A102: Search 8.0: Vocal, Graphical, & the Rise of AI
Greg Notess - A102_Notess.pdf (1 MB)
A103: Services, Tools, & Techniques for Discovery
A104/A105: Search & the Future
Amy Affelt - A104-A105_Affelt.pptx (2 MB)
Tara Calishain - A104-A105_Calishain.pptx (2 MB)
Richard P. Hulser - A104-A105_Hulser.pdf (66 MB)
Marydee Ojala - A104-A105_Ojala.pptx (2 MB)
A104/A105: Search & the Future (continued)

Digital Presence: Web Design & UX

B101: Boosting User Engagement on Your Website
Shari Thurow - B101_Thurow.pdf (8 MB)
B102: Step-by-Step Template for Redesign
Sandlin & Cotterman - B102_Sandlin.pdf (5 MB)
Sandlin & Cotterman - B102_Sandlin(1).pdf (124 KB)
B103: UX Lessons Learned
Norris & Kosinski - B103_Norris.pptx (6 MB)
B104: Images, Apps & More
Rob Bruno - B104_Bruno.pptx (3 MB)
Jeff Rey - B104_Rey.pptx (2 MB)
David Lee King - Connect with Images
B105: Website Design Winners & Losers!

Community Engagement

C101: Robotics & AI in Libraries: It’s Happening!
Hess & Lou - C101_Hess.pptx (3 MB)
Hibben, Hess & Lou - C101_Hibben(1).pptx (53 MB)
C102: Customers Discover, Attend, & Respond to Programs
Sawicki, Reed & Shaughnessy - C102_Sawicki.pdf (27 MB)
C103: Success With Social Media: Impact & Reach
Tanzi & Roye - C103_Tanzi.pdf (10 MB)
C104/C105: Collections, Partnerships, & Engagement: Tips & Ideas!
Passey & Mauchley - C104-C105_Passey(1).pptx (14 MB)
Nancy Howe - C104-C105_Howe(1).pptx (4 MB)
C104/C105: Collections, Partnerships, & Engagement: Tips & Ideas! (continued)

Learning from Leaders

D101: Leadership: Influence, Expertise, & Courage
Donna Scheeder - D101_Scheeder.ppt (446 KB)
D102: Courage to Be Strategic
Mary Lee Kennedy - D102_Kennedy.pptx (372 KB)
D103: Design, Smart Communities & Engagement!
Rolf Hapel - D103_Hapel.pdf (22 MB)
D104: Digital Achievers
Chad Mairn - D104_Mairn.pptx (14 MB)
D105: Innovative Ideas From Other Countries


E101: Researching & Creating With Tech for Under 10
Jennifer Sturge - E101_Sturge.pdf (89 MB)
E102: E-Portfolio Development & Tools
E103: Hands on History: Unlocking National Archives Records
Isaacs & Doviak - E103_Isaacs.pptx (21 MB)
Doviak & Isaacs - E103_Doviak.pptx (23 MB)
E104: Power of Interlibrary Collaboration
Carolyn Foote - E104_Foote.pdf (3 MB)
E105: Tools for Everyday Use

Library Leaders Summit

Light Continental Breakfast
Keynote - Engagement in the Digital Age
Welcome & Introductions
One-on-One with Keynote Phaedra Boinodiris
Leader-to-Leader Panel: Strategies & Practices
Content, Collections, & Curated Information Objects
Doris Small Helfer - 1330_Helfer(1).pptx (83 KB)
People & Talent Management
Louise Reimer - 1500_Reimer.pptx (364 KB)

Evening Networking Events

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Keynote - Optimizing the Digital Sharing Economy: Closing the Divide

Open Access & Collections

A201: Open Access: Latest in the Landscape
Katharine Dunn - A201_Dunn.pptx (11 MB)
A202: Open Athens: Simplifying Authentication
Koechlein & Black - A202_Koechlein.pptx (7 MB)
Black & Koechlein - A202_Black.pptx (7 MB)
A203: RA21: New Access Paradigm for Subscribed Content
Lloyd, Kelshian & Felts - A203_Lloyd.pptx (5 MB)
A204/A205: Collections: Georeferencing, Audio, Ebooks, & Tech
LaMagna, Danowitz & Rodgers - A204-A205_LaMagna.pptx (8 MB)
Moyer & Forthman - A204-A205_Moyer(1).pptx (7 MB)
Neil Ordinario - A204-A205_Ordinario(1).pptx (3 MB)
A204/A205: Collections: Georeferencing, Audio, Ebooks, & Tech (continued)

Operations & Systems

B201: Library Technology Update
B202: Linked Data in Libraries: From Prototypes to Production
DeSmidt & Bushman - B202_DeSmidt.pdf (1 MB)
B203: Practicing CEO Tech Perspective
Paul Takala - B203_Takala.pdf (901 KB)
B204: ILS Migrations
DeLooper, Courtier, Sanchez & Xie - B204_DeLooper.pdf (1 MB)
B205: Crowd-Sourced Vendor Evaluations

Enterprise: Tools, Tech & New Roles

C201: Moving to Cloud-Based Knowledge Services
Hope & Long - C201_Hope.pptx (3 MB)
C202: Presenting & Visualizing Data: SOS @ NOAA
Jan Thomas - C202_Thomas.jpg (4 MB)
C203: ROI & Value: Measuring & Talking About What Matters!
Mary Ellen Bates - C203_Bates.pdf (327 KB)
C204: Agile & Info Management for Success
Richard P. Hulser - C204_Hulser.pdf (207 MB)
C205: Institutional Repository & Cultural Change
Jennifer Fagan-Fry - C205_Fagan-Fry(1).pptx (24 MB)

Artificial Intelligence & Libraries

D201: AI 101
D202: Bot Literacy: Teaching Librarians to Make Twitter Bots
Robin Camille Davis - Davis_Eaton_presentation
Davis & Eaton - D202_Davis.pdf (5 MB)
D203: Onboarding AI & Machine Learning
Brian Pichman - D203_Pichman.pdf (13 MB)
D204/D205: Robots, AI, & Challenges
D204/D205: Robots, AI, & Challenges (continued)


E201: Fake News/Post Truth: Digital Literacy in a Digital World
Kimberly Moore - News Literacy
E202: Preparing Students for Academic Success: Gamified Strategy!
Joyce Valenza - Gamifying Instruction
E203: Bring the World into Your Library
E204: Munch ‘n’ Make: Uniting Students & Staff Through Experimentation & Play
Ashwood, Sutton & Whited - E204_Ashwood.pptx (220 MB)
E205: Trending @ School Libraries
Brian Pichman - E205_Pichman.pdf (8 MB)


Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs
Mary Ellen Bates - 1100_Bates.pdf (187 KB)
Do Space: New Model?
Altmetrics & Bibliometrics Convergence
Richard P. Hulser - 1200_Hulser.pdf (22 MB)
Engaging Users with Citation Tools
New Tech: Where is our Future?
Introducing 3D Scanning, Holograms & More
Chad Mairn - 1330_Mairn.pptx (2 MB)
Digital Youth: Savvy But Not Literate?
Kimberly Moore - Digital Youth
360° Video/Photography Basics
Chad Mairn - 1430_Mairn.pptx (2 MB)
Scaling Social in Libraries to New Heights

Library Leaders Summit

Keynote - Optimizing the Digital Sharing Economy: Closing the Divide
Technologies: Strategic Implications
Paul Takala - 1000_Takala.pdf (974 KB)
Prickly Topics
Change Models
Mary Lee Kennedy - 1330_Kennedy.pptx (574 KB)
COFFEE with Summit Colleagues
Distinctive Positioning for the Future
Next Step: Complete Framework

Wednesday Evening Session

Engaging Community Spaces: Architectural Insights & Ideas

Thursday, March 28, 2019


Trust, Facts & Democracy: How Libraries Fit into the Biggest Issues of These Times
Lee Rainie - 0845_Rainie.pptx (17 MB)

Content Management & Industry

A301: Teaching Data Science With Sports & Gaming
Chijioge Nwogu - A302_Nwogu.pptx (3 MB)
A302: Library Publishing 2019
Terence Huwe - A301_Huwe.ppt (8 MB)
A303: Collection Development: Strategies for Anticipating Needs
Richard Huffine - A303_Huffine.pptx (3 MB)
A304/A305: Connecting Libraries & Community Info Networks
Blumenthal, Kelly, Oshman & Monahan - A304-A305_Blumenthal.pptx (29 MB)
A304/A305: Connecting Libraries & Community Info Networks (continued)

Tech Tools

B301: Computers in Libraries Magazine’s Tech Forum
Kaser, Huwe, Breeding, Zastrow & West - B301_Kaser.pptx (6 MB)
B302: Taking the Magical Leap with Immersive Technologies in Libraries
Mairn & Haber - B302_Mairn.pptx (26 MB)
B303: Augmented & Virtual Reality in Libraries
Pino & Buck - B303_Pino.pptx (28 MB)
B304: Tech & ROI in Rural Libraries
Fahim, Jatana & Wark - B304_Fahim.pptx (20 MB)
B305: Educational Tips, Apps, & More
Ericka Hill - iThink Tech Savvy
Ericka Hill - iThink Tech Savvy

Marketing & Engaging Communities

C301: Engaging With Impact Stories
C302: Strategic Thinking for the Rest of Us
M.J. D'Elia - C302_DElia.pdf (751 KB)
M.J. D'Elia - C302_DElia(1).pdf (1 MB)
C303: Preparing Libraries for the Digital Future
C304: Spaces, Final Frontier?
Ponnaganti, Degler & Mahapatabendig - C304_Ponnaganti.pptx (25 MB)
C305: Engaging & Delighting Global Communities
Alka Bhatnagar - C305_Bhatnagar.pdf (8 MB)
Alka Bhatnagar - C305_Bhatnagar.pptx (111 MB)

Management & Metrics

D301: Outcome-Driven Innovation
Christa Werle - D301_Werle.pdf (3 MB)
D302: Tech Tools to Transform Culture
Drake & Tracey - D302_Drake.pptx (14 MB)
D303: Successful Strategies for Results: Ideas to Implementation
Rex Krajewski - D303_Krajewski(1).pptx (215 KB)
D304: Evaluation Matrix: Bibliometrics for Collection Development
Sarah Davis - D304_Davis.pptx (23 MB)
D305: Hiring & Growing the Best People
Meghan Kowalski - D305_Kowalski.pdf (2 MB)
Meghan Kowalski - D305_Kowalski.pptx (2 MB)

Smart Communities & Blockchain

E301/E302: Smart Communities & Libraries
Linda Hazzan - E301-E302_Hazzan.pdf (51 MB)
E303: Will IoT & Our Citizens Make Our Communities Smarter?
Elizabeth MacDonald - E303_MacDonald.pptx (160 MB)
E304/E305: Blockchain & Opportunities for Libraries
M Ryan Hess - E304-E305_Hess.pptx (4 MB)
Sue Alman - E304-E305_Alman.pptx (11 MB)
E304/E305: Blockchain & Opportunities for Libraries (continued)


Circulating Electronics
Chrome DevTools 101
The Five Strategy Documents EVERY Library Needs
Smart Social Media Tools!
Edward Ajaeb - 1230_Ajaeb.pdf (3 MB)
Life Long Learning: Skills Expansion!
Elizabeth Iaukea - 1300_Iaukea.pptx (7 MB)
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