Eppo van Nispen

Dok Library
Director, Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

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Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer is a much sought-after international speaker and thinker because of the unique connections he is able to make between the digital world and the human dimension. In addition, he is a regular guest in TV, radio and online programs, in which he explains media from the past, present and future. He is originally a tv-joournalist. In recent years, Van Nispen has been working on his "social thing", namely the impact of digitization, especially in the field of information provision, with the mission to build the most modern library in the world, DOK in Delft. In 2008, in an American survey, DOK was named the most modern library in the world, in addition to being "Best library in the Netherlands" by a jury of experts. Van Nispen subsequently became director of the CPNB, the foundation that is responsible for the largest reading campaigns in the Netherlands, such as the Children's Book Week, Bookweek and Holland Reads. Eppo is currently director of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the state-of-the-art media culture institute in the Netherlands that has the second largest data collection in the world. Van Nispen is also chairman of the Culture and Media working group within the Dutch AI coalition, a coalition of the best universities, media companies and cultural institutions on artificial intelligence. He also holds various board positions. Sent by his College of Sages (his 6 children, wife and from heaven his grandmother of 102+) he tries in an inspiring way, with a smile and a tear, to make all kinds of connections between the world of now and that of the future without losing humanity in it.



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