Kevin Bowman

Engagement & Marketing Manager
Laurel County Public Library

Picture of Kevin BowmanI've worked at the Laurel County Public Library for 15 years, beginning in IT, where I continued to develop a strong foundation in technology and its application to library services. As I gained more experience, I found that my passion lay in working directly with library patrons and engaging with them in meaningful ways.

Over time, I shifted my focus towards patron engagement and marketing, developing and implementing strategies to connect with the community and promote library services. I have worked with diverse groups of patrons, from children to seniors, and have found great satisfaction in helping them navigate the library's resources and discover new opportunities for learning and personal growth.

My foundation in IT has been an asset in my current role, as I am able to leverage technology to enhance the patron experience and make library services more accessible and convenient. I am a strong advocate for libraries and their vital role in the community, and I am dedicated to continuing to improve and innovate in this field.

Computers in Libraries 2023

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