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Kirsti Kenneth

User Experience Manager
Interpersonal Frequency

Picture of Kirsti KennethKnown for her dynamic presentations and infectious enthusiasm, Kirsti has been creating meaningful user experiences, both in person and online, for nearly two decades. She has worked in journalism (at the PBS series FRONTLINE), museum education (at the now-closed Newseum), training, and content strategy, developing diverse ways to educate and engage. Through her experience managing large collections of online content, she’s also had first-hand experience creating content management processes that stick and scale. She graduated from Yale with a degree in American Studies and is always looking for new ways to apply an interdisciplinary perspective to drive innovation. 

At Interpersonal Frequency, Kirsti helps government organizations learn the best practices for public-sector websites, with a special emphasis on effective content strategy. She routinely guides large library, city, and county teams through website redesign projects, from initial discovery to post-launch optimization. She’s passionate about team-building and devising practical, effective solutions that elevate the user experience and make content creation and maintenance easier for everyone.

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