Robert McLaughlin

Executive Director
National Collaborative for Digital Equity

Picture of Robert McLaughlinDr. Robert McLaughlin founded and leads the nonprofit National Collaborative for Digital Equity which is committed to fostering both systemic digital equity and systemic inclusion. Under Bob's leadership, NCDE pioneered pilot efforts that persuaded federal policy makers to allow banks to receive credit under the Community Reinvestment Act for investments to remove digital divide barriers to economic and educational opportunity.  NCDE's strategy is to undertake intensive pilot efforts in high-poverty communities while facilitating networks statewide and national leaders in inclusion who then stand ready to inform, learn from, adapt, and scale those local inclusion approaches that prove most promising for impacting intergenerational poverty. These networks include the ABIDE Leaders, State Financial Empowerment Leaders and, soon, a community of practice for leaders of the nation's K12 educator apprenticeship programs who are committed to diversifying the nation's K12 educator workforce.  NCDE is now assisting states' DEI leaders and leaders in financial, economic and educational inclusion to participate integrally in development of their state's digital equity plan -- and has developed Inclusion Junction, a free toolset to assist inclusion resource providers to learn about and connect with one another.

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