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Picture of Chappy FloydFloyd explores the evolution of BIBFRAME and FOLIO, the frameworks for organizing and sharing bibliographic data and an open standard that frees the library catalog and allows for the creation of enriched, connected resources. FOLIO is an open-source library services platform with a data model that is designed to work with both electronic and print resources to provide a path from traditional bibliographic tools into the future of BIBFRAME. Hear about the power of using FOLIO and BIBFRAME together to help libraries highlight and expose their collections to users on the open web and how EBSCO is reimagining library cataloging with BIBFRAME and the FOLIO library management system to do so.

An experienced and lively speaker, Chappy Floyd, is EBSCO's VP of Discovery Innovation for Corporations. Chappy has over 20 years of experience and has worked in major corporations including LexisNexis and Thomas Reuters. He can be reached at



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