Program Overview

Library Futures and Wildest Dreams

Our information industry has so many solutions, passionate advocates, and experienced and customer service-focused info pros who can illustrate our leadership role in rebuilding our communities for a desirable and sustainable future. Whether that is a smart city, rural township, corporate organization, academic campus, K­–12 school, or any other information-intensive community, we can and do make a difference.

The next generation of technology and talented, well-trained people are at the heart of our 39th annual Computers in Libraries in 2024, and along with it go our spirit and passion for adapting our library programs and services to make a positive difference and impact. Building on what we have learned during the last few years while dealing with uncertainty, this conference shares new strategies, practices, knowledge, and techniques as well as the new tools that help us succeed as we reset, transform, and engage our communities, campuses, corporations, governments, health and medical establishments, legal firms, and more. Get ideas and insights for moving your library or information service into the new world!

Hear from experienced library leaders, newbies to the information industry with fresh ideas, networkers, and connectors who can link you to colleagues. The multifaceted program is designed to meet the needs of librarians, community and information managers, IT and systems professionals, e-resource managers, researchers, webmasters and web managers, archivists, content and museum curators, digital strategists, and information specialists. The focus of the conference is on emerging and leading-edge technology that allows us to engage with, and bring strategic value to, our user communities. Using the latest information and practices to help you make informed choices, this event looks at how to escalate and delight both the human and digital experiences in your community—whether an academic, corporate, nonprofit, public, or school library.

Computers in Libraries caters to all interests and all levels of knowledge, offering five simultaneous tracks plus many workshops, networking opportunities, and an extensive exhibit hall. Speakers are knowledgeable, authoritative and focus on practical applications, “how to” solutions, and case studies as well as technical and managerial issues. This year’s tracks and themes encompass:

  • Innovative Libraries & Practices
  • School libraries
  • Killer Strategies & Community Attention Grabbers
  • Partnerships & Collaboration
  • User Design & Experience
  • Learning from Library Leaders
  • Creative Making & Makerspaces
  • Digital Transformation &amp Engagement
  • Information Discovery & Search
  • Content Management
  • Artificial Intelligence & Leading Edge Technology for Libraries
  • Web Design, Tools & Development
  • And, more!

Check back in late-December for full program details!

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