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Monday, March 11, 2024


W1: WebSearch University Presents Searchers Academy: Search Dreams Coming True?
W2: Library Systems & Strategies
Marshall Breeding - W2_Breeding.pptx (21 MB)
W3: AI in the Library
Brian Pichman - Presentation Link
W4: [CANCELED] Tech for Stronger Communities
W5: [CANCELED] Tools for Library Managers
W6: Planning for Smart Library Spaces & Buildings
Jeff Wisniewski - W6_Wisniewski.pptx (381 KB)
W7: Data Analytics: Fundamentals for Information Professionals
W8: [CANCELED] Elevating Customer Experience & Service: Strategies & Engagement
W9: [CANCELED] KM for Libraries
W10: [CANCELED] Community Journalism: Issues & Opportunities for Libraries
W11: Tech Trends for 2024+
David Lee King - W11_King.pdf (98 MB)
W12: AI & 3D Sandbox: Experiment, Learn, & Enjoy!
Brian Pichman - Presentation Link
W13: [CANCELED] Tools for Sparking Community Imagination & Innovation
W14: [CANCELED] Scenario Planning for the Future
W15: Cybersecurity: Privacy, Protection, & Implications of AI
Brian Pichman - Presentation Link
W16: [CANCELED] Change: Ain't Easy, But Worth It
W17: Selecting & Implementing Library Tech: How-To for Practical & Sustainable Success
W18: Health & Wellness for Libraries & Their Communities: Issues & Challenges
Michael (Mike) Pullin - W18_Pullin.pptx (1 MB)
W19: AI Beyond ChatGPT: Tools for Libraries
Barbie E. Keiser - W19_Keiser.pdf (13 MB)
Barbie E. Keiser - W19_Keiser(1).docx (18 KB)
Barbie E. Keiser - W19_Keiser.docx (22 KB)

Monday Evening Networking Event

Games & Gadgets Networking Evening

Tuesday, March 12, 2024


Keynote - Our Next Reality: AI-Powered Metaverse?
Keynote - Future-Proof Your Library: BIBFRAME & Linked Data

Search & Discovery

A101: Super Searcher Tips
Mary Ellen Bates - A101_Bates.pdf (2 MB)
A102: Fake News, ChatGPT & AI: Wrangling Strategies
Amy Affelt - A102_Affelt.pptx (3 MB)
A103: Curated Intelligence: Tips & Tools
A104: Exposing Research Content: Selecting a Tribe & Keeping It Free!
O'Connor & Menabney - A104_OConnor.pptx (12 MB)
A105: Search Engines for Libraries: Searches to Stacks
Abishek Surana - A105_Surana.pptx (11 MB)

Library Systems & Operations

B101: Operating a Culture of Belonging: Personal Librarian 2.0
Audrey B. Welber - B101_Welber.pptx (12 MB)
B102: Lib Tech Industry Update
B103: Making Online Catalog Dreams Come True!
Cameron Myers - B103_Myers.pptx (1 MB)
B104: Toward Gigabit Libraries Toolkit: Improving Library IT & Broadband
Stephanie Stenberg - B104_Stenberg.pdf (788 KB)
Stephanie Stenberg - B104_Stenberg(1).pdf (5 MB)
Stephanie Stenberg - B104_Stenberg(2).pdf (3 MB)
Stephanie Stenberg - B104_Stenberg.pptx (8 MB)
B105: Seamless Authentication Migration: Best Practices for Transitioning to OpenAthens
David Leffler - B105_Leffler.pptx (17 MB)


C101: Transforming & Engaging Communities With Digital Storytelling
C102: Connecting Communities & Information: Partnerships
C103: Digital Media Labs, Production Studios, Filmmaking, & Community Building
Wesley Johnson - C103_Johnson.pptx (21 MB)
David Lee King - C103_King.pdf (43 MB)
C104: Ecosystem Building for Librarians
C105: Reaching New Users With Online Education
Sean Luster - C105_Luster.pptx (939 KB)

AI: Perspectives & Insights

D101: Generative AI & Libraries: Critical Perspective
D102: Generative AI: Library Insights
Solheim_Johansen & Marmion - D102_Solheim_Johansen.pptx (15 MB)
D103: Building a Readers Advisory Kiosk: RA Meets AI
Clark & Langer - D103_Clark.pdf (5 MB)
D104: Library & Community AI Experiments
David Lee King - D104_King.pdf (15 MB)
D105: Library-Powered Innovation
Lappalainen & Narayanan - D105_Lappalainen.pptx (7 MB)

Preparing for the Future

E101: Imagining the Future With AI
Lee Rainie - E101_Rainie.pptx (14 MB)
E102: What’s Happening in the Library World
Loida Garcia-Febo - E102_Garcia-Febo.pptx (33 MB)
E103: Insights & Ideas From an Information Intensive Newsroom
Ellen Clegg - E104_Clegg.pptx (28 MB)
E104/105: The Future of Libraries
Lankes & Boekesteijn - E104-105_Lankes.htm (402 bytes)
E104/105 Cont: The Future of Libraries

Library Leaders Summit

Keynote - Our Next Reality: AI-Powered Metaverse?
Keynote - Future-Proof Your Library: BIBFRAME & Linked Data
One-on-One with Keynote: Our Next Reality: AI Powered Metaverse?
Welcome & Introductions
Adaptive Leadership: Principles & Importance
LUNCH — Food for Thought
Key Library Community Issues & Challenges

Wednesday, March 13, 2024


Keynote: LC Digital Innovation: Strategy, AI, & Preservation for Community Engagement
Keynote: Taking the Pulse of Libraries

Content Management

A201: Revolutionizing Resource Sharing in a Consortium Environment
Randy Oldham - A201_Oldham.pptx (17 MB)
A202: Knowledgebases: Improving Content for Answers
LaMagna & Rodgers - A202_LaMagna.pdf (3 MB)
A203: Wall Map Collection at Los Angeles Public Library: Digitization, Description, and Digital Access Project
Kim, Hulser & Hauge - A203_Kim.pptx (28 MB)
Kim, Hulser & Hauge - A203_Kim.pdf (5 MB)
Hulser, Hauge & Kim - A203_Hulser.pdf (1 MB)
A204/A205: Digital Content, Archiving & Presentation
Zhimin Chen - A204-A205_Chen.pptx (5 MB)
A204/A205 Cont: Digital Content, Archiving, & Presentation

Library Systems & Operations

B201: Tech Tools for Easy Working
David Lee King - B201_King.pdf (20 MB)
B202: PL Security: Public Computers & Ransomeware
Andrew Sherman - B202_Sherman.pptx (14 MB)
Wesley Johnson - B202_Johnson.pptx (5 MB)
B203: Impact & Future of Social Media for Libraries
Luke Ferdinand - B203_Ferdinand.pptx (33 MB)
John DeLooper - B203_DeLooper.pdf (1 MB)
B204: Statewide Ebook Program: Minnesota's Model
B205: Transforming Library Spaces: Merging Help & Circ Desks

Library Services

C201: Unleashing Health Equity Through Library Innovation
Erkeda DeRouen - C201_DeRouen.pptx (35 MB)
C202: Bridging the Digital Divide
C203: Tech Kits Through the Mail
C204: Teaching Beyond Research in Academic Libraries: Getting Out of Your Lane
Meghan Kowalski - C204_Kowalski.pptx (8 MB)
C205: Marketing In a Digital Age

AI: Ready for Action?

D201: Is Your Library AI-Ready?
Leslie Weir - D201_Weir.pptx (9 MB)
D202: AI & Robots for Libraries
Thomas Kozak - D202_Kozak.pptx (2 MB)
D203: AI in Healthcare
Michael (Mike) Pullin - D203_Pullin.pptx (1 MB)
D204: Embedding Academic Libraries in the Generative AI Conversation
Evan Fruehauf - D204_Fruehauf(1).pptx (3 MB)
D205: Understanding Bias in AI
Marcella Fredriksson - D205_Fredriksson.pdf (3 MB)

Learning From Leaders

E201: What’s in Store for Libraries with AI? State Libraries Initiative
E202: Library Futures Through Different Lenses!
E203: The Future With Innovation & Entrepreneurship
M.J. D'Elia - E203_DElia.pdf (1 MB)
M.J. D'Elia - E203_DElia.pptx (5 MB)
E204: Revisiting the Future
Daniel W. Rasmus - E204_Rasmus.pdf (15 MB)
E205: [CANCELED] Future Expectations: Predictions & Wildest Dreams

Library Leaders Summit

Keynote: LC Digital Innovation: Strategy, AI, & Preservation for Community Engagement
Keynote: Taking the Pulse of Libraries
One-on-One with Keynote
Skills for the Future
LUNCH — Food for Thought
Leading in an AI World
Next Steps

Evening Session

Are You Smarter Than an AI Game Show
Brian Pichman - 1900_Pichman.pptx (26 MB)


Teaching Tools
Stephen Hall - 1130_Hall.pptx (18 MB)
Communicating Added Value of Libraries
Eric Kokke - 1200_Kokke.pdf (1 MB)
ChatGPT & Search Professionals: Bringing AI to Web Search
Mary Ellen Bates - 1230_Bates.pdf (367 KB)
Helping Students Be Google Aware
Search Smarts in a GenAI World
Marydee Ojala - 1330_Ojala.pdf (1 MB)
What’s Happening on the #CILDC Video Wall?
Looking After Your Library Website
Sean Luster - 1430_Luster.pptx (1 MB)

Thursday, March 14, 2024


Keynote - Library Futures: AI+, Critical Thinking, & Leadership
Liz Lawley - Riding the Tsunami
Keynote: Unlocking the Potential of AI & Machine Learning

Library Management

A301: Tools for Your Wildest Dreams & Library Futures
Rebecca Jones - A301_Jones.pdf (1 MB)
A302: Scenarios for the Future: Public Libraries & Innovation
Daniel W. Rasmus - A302_Rasmus.pdf (55 MB)
A303: Managing in a Hybrid & AI Environment
Amy Affelt - A303_Affelt.pptx (2 MB)
A304: Library Skills & Competencies
Crespo & Lopez - A304_Crespo(1).pdf (13 MB)
A305: What Is a Library Strategist?
Elaine Lasda - A305_Lasda.pptx (19 MB)

Web Presence

B301: Transformative Web Governance
Barmon, Calvo & Wharton - B301_Barmon(1).pptx (3 MB)
B302: Your Website Can Do More Than You Think
Garver & Michael-Keller - B302_Garver.pdf (391 KB)
Garver & Michael-Keller - B302_Garver(1).pdf (97 KB)
Garver & Michael-Keller - B302_Garver(2).pdf (156 KB)
Michael-Keller & Garver - B302_Michael-Keller(1).pptx (29 MB)
Michael-Keller & Garver - B302_Michael-Keller.pptx (29 MB)
B303: School Library Websites: Creation & Management
Sarah Cowley - B303_Cowley.pdf (6 MB)
B304: Website Analytics: Traffic & Privacy
Amy Swackhamer - B304_Swackhamer.docx (20 KB)
Carson & Velikonja - B304_Carson.pptx (4 MB)
Amy Swackhamer - B304_Swackhamer.pptx (2 MB)
B305: Academic Library Websites: User Experience

Libraries: 3D Spaces, XR, & Beyond

C301: VR at the Library: Immersive Job Exploration Experiences
C302: Building the Future for Libraries & Museums: AR in Art & Architecture
C303: Documenting a New Dimension of History Using XR
C304/C305: Panel Discussion: Future of Metaverse in Libraries & Education
C304/C305 Cont: Panel Discussion: Future of Metaverse in Libraries & Education

Ideas for the Future: Accessibility, Change, Opportunities

D301: Wild Dream for Library Future: Design Thinking & Librarianship as a Design Profession
Steven Bell - D301_Bell.pptx (17 MB)
D302: Community Health & Welfare: Seniors & Memory Care
D303: Testing Tools for Accessibility
Cindi Blyberg - D303_Blyberg.pdf (12 MB)
D304: From Makerspaces to Marketplaces
Melissa Taylor - D304_Taylor.docx (40 KB)
Melissa Taylor - D304_Taylor(1).docx (10 KB)
Melissa Taylor - D304_Taylor(2).docx (38 KB)
Taylor & Moody - D304_Taylor(1).pptx (30 MB)


E301: Learning From Library Volunteers
E302: Learning New Technologies On-the-Fly: Vendorbrarian to Public Librarian
Stefanie Maclin-Hurd - E302_Maclin-Hurd.pptx (2 MB)
E303: Video Games & Workshops: Team Building & Learning
Grace Morie - E303_Morie.pptx (484 KB)
E304: Enabling Highschoolers & Entrepreneurs
Keerthi Vijay - Google Slides
E305: Teaching Students: Learning Outcomes & Digital Literacy
Phillip Schneider - E305_Schneider.pptx (333 KB)


Teaching Tips
Meghan Kowalski - 1130_Kowalski.pptx (2 MB)
Leveraging ChatGPT: Ideas for Students & Educators
Advento & Welber - 1200_Advento.pptx (1 MB)
Social Media Trends
David Lee King - 1230_King.pdf (3 MB)
Worth Watching!

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