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Erkeda DeRouen

Family, Diversity, & Lifestyle Medicine Physician and CEO
The Pace Makerz
Digital Risk Compliance Solutions

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Dr. Erkeda DeRouen stands as a changemaker in healthcare innovation, as a triple-board certified physician executive leader in Family, Diversity, and Lifestyle Medicine within the evolving realm of digital health. She serves as the Chief Medical Officer of the women's health startup, Emme. As a healthcare consultant, she's working to prioritize quality, compliance, risk management, and health equity. With notable collaborations that include unicorn founders and a hand in technologies now surpassing $1 billion in value, Dr. DeRouen's impact extends beyond business: she’s the voice behind the influential podcast "The Prospective Doctor," a two-time best-selling author, and the visionary behind the popular TEDx talk seen by >100k called "Did Disney Just Save Healthcare?!? Imagine This." Dr. DeRouen is on a mission to redefine healthcare for the digital age, ensuring it's efficient, safe, and accessible to all.

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