Keerthi Vijay


Picture of Keerthi VijayKeerthi Vijay is the Founder and President of Team STEAM, a non-profit that provides free immersive engineering programs to young students across America. Team STEAM is motivated to bring STEAM opportunities to all students regardless of financial limitations.

Keerthi started Team STEAM in 2020 as a sophomore in high school to engage teens and her community youth during the midst of the pandemic. Today, Team STEAM has touched the lives of over 600 students in 7 different states.

Aside from Team STEAM, Keerthi is a first-year student at NYU Stern School of Business, where she is pursuing a degree in Finance and Sustainable Business. She hopes to pursue a career in the banking industry, particularly impact investing at institutions like the World Bank or Bloomberg. 

In her free time, Keerthi likes to spend time outdoors and is an avid runner and skier. She loves to read classical books and hang out with her friends and family. 

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