Louis Rosenberg

Author, Our Next Reality: How the AI-Powered Metaverse Will Reshape the World

Picture of Louis RosenbergLouis Rosenberg, PhD is an early pioneer of virtual and augmented reality and longtime AI researcher. His work began over thirty years ago in VR labs at Stanford and NASA. He then developed the first mixed reality system at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). In 1993 he founded the early VR company Immersion Corporation and brought it public on Nasdaq. In 2004 he founded Outland Research, an early developer of augmented reality and spatial media technologies acquired by Google. In 2014 he founded Unanimous AI to pursue Collective Superintelligence, a method of creating super-intelligent systems by connecting human groups together rather than by replacing people with algorithms. Rosenberg received his PhD from Stanford, was a tenured professor at California State University, and has been awarded over 300 patents for VR, AR, and AI technologies. He is currently CEO of Unanimous AI. His new book from Hachette entitled Our Next Reality comes out in March 2024. 

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