Norma Menabney

Subject Librarian
Digital Information Services
McClay Library

Picture of Norma Menabney 

Norma is a Subject Librarian at Queen’s University Belfast with responsibilities for Social Sciences and Queen’s Business School. Through liaison with academic staff she acquires teaching and research resources and delivers bespoke training and lectures to all student cohorts with systematic searching being a strong focus. Aligned to this, Norma has a range of experience in multidisciplinary digital resource projects including JStor Ireland and the development and management of the Northern Ireland Official Publications Archive. From this her work has developed to focus on exploring opportunities for collaboration with different types of organisations, establishing business models and valuable partnerships that create and sustain research resources for the good of all including the public.

Norma is a member of the Business Librarians Association, the Standing Committee on Official Publications, is a committee member of Association of Librarian and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences and represents the University’s Library on the British Library’s Official Publications Collection Development Group.


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