Yrjo Lappalainen

Data Services Librarian
Zayed University Library & Learning Commons (United Arab Emirates)

Picture of Yrjo LappalainenMr. Yrjo Lappalainen is an Assistant Professor and Data Services Librarian at Zayed University Library and Learning Commons (Dubai, United Arab Emirates). He has a Master’s degree in Information Studies and Interactive Media from Tampere University (Tampere, Finland) with wide-ranging experience in research information systems, repositories, scholarly communication, open science, research data management and research evaluation. Yrjo's main duty is to lead, develop and support data initiatives at Zayed University. He promotes awareness and develops guidelines for open research practices, open access publishing and the responsible use of metrics in the assessment of research. He also maintains Zayed University’s institutional repository and takes a proactive role in coding his own scripts to improve library services. Recently, he has expanded his focus to the innovative integration of artificial intelligence in academic libraries by leading the development of "Aisha", the first fully reported library chatbot powered by the OpenAI API, and establishing AI training and support initiatives at Zayed University.

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